If you’re transitioning from ‘corporate’ to start your own business, the challenge will be to have the right mindset. Unlearn dishonest non-productive positive thinking strategies and embrace what it takes to succeed in a fiat money system.

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Find out if your desire to start a business is truly yours, or if it comes from indoctrination, fear, or the lack of apparent options


Dare you to start your own company!
Regain horse sense about real-life business including access to capital, understanding graft, gaming regulatory capture, economic timing, and establishing the right network of people.
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Pry open the real techniques of achieving your goals that most others are too afraid to explore.


coaching • inner tao'preneur circle

Anti-Entrepreneurship coaching clears the path to discover whether dreams and aspirations are actually ‘yours’, rather than being unexamined assumptions. Regardless of whether you come from a corporate culture or college, or are self-trained, our mission is to provide resources which make a positive impact on your personal happiness and success. Discover whether entrepreneurship is what you should do, or are capable of, so you can move forward in confidence. Become a Taopreneur, one who approaches business without resistance, flowing smoothly with the flow of life's river.

Are you nervous to become brutally honest in your assessment, feasibility, and extent of the energy it may take to reach your dream?
You can move ahead completely calm. We’ll show you how.
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Get on the fast track to getting what you actually desire. Embrace the lifestyle in balance with heart and head.


Determine an accurate value of taking the entrepreneurial path, have a reasonable definition of self-sufficiency, and consider all your options before spending unnecessary social and financial capital. Long before starting a business you need to create relationships, learn salient business startup information, and important life skills. Our motto is, ‘It’s better to go broke drinking a margarita at the beach’. Explore the sensible side of starting a business BEFORE you enter that world. Being an entrepreneur is a compelling adventure if you first discover whether you have the acumen, energy, attitude, contacts and network, financial smarts, and the knowledge of how the system really works.

Before launching your own business, it’s better to fully understand the path. Focusing on a career, being a full-time parent, joining the rentier culture, extending your education, volunteering, vacationing, or even doing nothing may make more sense. 
— Maat