Upcoming Retreats & Events


Carnival Deprogramming workshop
July 2020

Join us at the SD Fair Grounds, where your guide will nourish your carny souls by sharing transformational realizations, and powerful anchoring experiences throughout the carnival. 

*Available to those sitting at the Golden Table 

rogue luchador.gif

Rogue luchador 'Practioner rl.1'

You are invited to a soul-streetfight of marvelous proportions! In this crash immersion you'll encounter a blend of unlearning techniques aligned with IKMF Kravmaga tactics and strategies. 

*Available to those sitting at the Golden Table 


GUIDED ego-whispering Trip
MARCH 2020

Fast from the cacophony of today's world. A week long experience aligns you to simplicity, minimalist diet, raw unprotected living, environmental exposure, danger, uncertainty, and physical confrontations to your ego and comfort. Re-commune with plants, wildlife, nature, astronomy, rhythm, and metaphysics.

safari transformation.gif

X’Tzu’s Zoo Safari Adventure
November 2019

Join us at the San Diego Safari Park. Your guide temporarily exchanges his wizard hat for a safari outback, breaking open the ‘animal’ cages of your soul. Walk into the den, embrace nature stories and come to the conclusion of who is who, and who is really in the enclosure.

*Available to those sitting at the Golden Table