Virtual Rage Room

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honor your anger

Clear the energy of anger by metabolizing it for higher purpose. This powerful resource frees your emotions and energy so vivid transformation takes root. 

Bring the feeling to completion, and celebrate the new space.

When you are furious and seething, have you ever wondered if there is another way to process it? Be one of the first to test drive this new adventure in emotional alchemy, in a playground built just for you...

There are also sound effects for catharsis! Game ON.

for deeper exploration:

Sadness Sanctuary


Express the rolling wave

An oasis you can come to at any time, and be given an environment of nurturing and nourishment.

for deeper exploration:

Panic & Possibility Room


This is FOR You... Over and Over if need be. 


kundalini rising.gif

"Become at peace with yourself, the world, and duality.

You are in a playground, not a prison."

vlog (playgroundia’s journal) • podcast

Even one sentience embracing the playground is reason enough to keep duality as our recreational theatre. This experience doesn’t have to be considered ‘another universe’.

Having awoken to theSundalini Rising Journey,we rejoice in the knowing it remains forever good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative, selfish and selfless. When perception’s aware it's duality-based, experience lands in the playground. With this recognition, it stands outside a billion prisons, listening to those inside yammer about getting out. For if it becomes forgotten, it becomes a cell with you in it.

XTzu's Elementals

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"Discover your essential nature and worthiness. How are you reconnecting to the Elemental higher Wills? They are waiting."


Vlog (elemental metaphors) • podcast • book • Guided Ego-Taming adventure (Plants, Wildlife, Nature, Stars & Rhythm)

In Playgroundia, sandbox mandalas are created. Each appears to dualistic eyes as destroying or modifying the one that came before. The eyes and egos imagine creation and destruction as if they're two separate states (viewed from one wills perspective), when in fact they're actually one. We move towards emancipation when we connect to the Elements. They channel us as much as we might think we channel them. Most 'animals' had that realization! Listen to what the elementals say ; )

XTzu's Zoo

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"Dive into the absolute truth of creation by communing with the 'animals'"

vlog (Animal allegories)• podcast • Ebook 

When you slide into Playgroundia amnesia, the experience becomes more and more cage-like. Depending on your connection to the 'animal' kingdom, your deeper self may benefit from particular four legged truths. If you have both feet in the safari sand, you begin to lose your bearing. Seek to have one foot in the relative-wild and one foot out; that way you know what and where you are. From this vantage the wings of creation are yours, presence is achieved, and the ego stays tame.