Astonishing views of our hidden self

Do you have the courage to question everything… Even your most beloved convictions?

Do you subscribe to the weak form of curiosity, or are you willing to examine choice, possibility, faith, life & death, play and presence? 

It’s a good day to ask if this is the travel you’ve been seeking. It's a better time for acceptance, peace, joy, creation, and to flow a majestic love that serves ‘humanity’.


 Presented in the Texan Taoist form, you’ll find an unruly crowd of Elementals, Carny’s, Luchadors, and Animals all hanging out in Ranches, Carnivals, Fighting Rings and Bars. Dive into the Playground of Spiritual Kravmaga, where you’ll be invited to join the streetfight that brings humility to the ego and smacks you boldly to the Present.


The Bar

the soul moves bar to bar.gif

The soul is simple awareness moving bar to bar. Enjoy liquid allegories.

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You don’t need a jar to trap a soul, for the world is its own container, complete in it’s larger, colorful, elemental keg. As the soul is ‘energetic’ abstraction of the other abstraction called ‘matter’, when a soul forgets what it is, it ends up in permanent time. There, the spirit peers out, ignorant that it was the creator, not the created. To steal a soul, to trap a soul is to have it bound to the earth and sky, lips and bottle, as if it’s the ultimate ‘sacred’ creation - of which it’s not.



are you being ranched.gif

Knowing every-thing occurs due to Will is useful. If you want to master the lasso, the ego, riding a bull, or being present… this is a key!

vlog (metaphors of the rancher & the ranched in the ‘ranch hands memoir’)podcast

Now, if you look at all the animals mullin’ around the farm, you’ll notice most just do what they’re told. The rancher commands them through signs, “yaws!”, whistles, and bells.

They don’t know they’re inside a farm! 

El Luchador!


Secrets of the control system overheard at the Luchador fight!

Vlog (Luchador’s Diary)11:11 trial gauntletrogue luchador Training • golden table 

Discover the quiet messaging of the control system. Any-thing that’s ‘discovered’ or ‘created’ by humanity to model it’s own thinking is bound to be an observation of itself. Aye aye aye! Thought is the construction of some-thing from no-thing

"Question no-thing amigos, and do as I say or I’ll give you a beat down you’ll never forget."

[Heard Ringside]



carnivals of time and space.gif

The real ‘God’, whether you call ‘em Pervis or Trista-Lynn, wants you to appreciate the observer, NOT the observed or the process of observing.

vlog (explore the ferris wheel of time in the ‘carnival almanac’)• podcast • carnival deprogramming walk abouts

When we realize a temporal fairground doesn’t have to rent their space to every traveling carnival, we question, ‘Damn, could it be the appearance of carnivals happens with our consent?’ Then, we know we’ve been perceiving ourselves as our experiences, &and our feet have taken a step to exiting this particular carnivals 'chaos'.


Texas Taoism


Soulwrangle until you know exactly who and what you are, deprogram to understand what you’re experiencing, lasso time by reframing perception, unlearn your understanding of dualities including energy and matter, embrace the clarity between soul and spirit, master the Twin Inferno state (which is necessary to discover twin flame), and hogtie any misleading language that keeps you from enjoying Playgroundia.

Astrology and astronomy on the ranch
Spirit and soul