Twin Inferno

Souls freely navigating in perfect knowledge of who and what we are.

A Playground for Masters, Intrigue for Genius.

‘Presented in Transformational Performance Art, Twin Inferno is Spiritual Lube for the Soul...’

Align with Higher Self.

Attract Powerful Relationships, Deprogram & Unlearn.

strengthen your connection to Nature, sensuality, Choice & Desire.

Prosperity, Health, Heart, Creativity, self-worth and Awareness Await.

Explore hidden emotion, belief, perception, & relation to time.

Explore our 'dojo' of choice kung-fu, emotional martial arts & soul kravmaga.

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You're in a playground, not a prison. Re-affirm choice, clarify possibility & presence. 

experience the ‘get present’ resources of healing & alchemy; including the Virtual Rage Room, Sadness Sanctuary, panic & possibility room, For•giveness Room & Wishing Well.

FREE YOURSELF, practice ‘fitness for presence & peace’. After all, If you’re not present, nobody's there.

Walk with us into the Sundalini Rising Journey, one that rises as a rose from what seemed a thorny briar, to one of a beautiful playground - a place of oneness, without fear, the real essence, one of no beginning nor end.


Texas Taoism

How can you be in your truth if you have attached belief systems?

You've tried many things but know there's more.


Texan taoism has the sharpest horns! It questions premises & steps on the head of manipulative language. It forces vision to disappear while increasing awareness. There’s no government, religion, philosophy, science, system of reason n’ logic, magick, psychology, or aspect of ego it doesn’t interrogate, trample, or wash clean.

~ Maat



Theatre of Unlearning

There’s a competition for your awareness. The realizations embraced today protect you from having to unlearn programming tomorrow. The choice you now make determines the awareness level you’ll ever attain in the present.

What you unlearn changes your relationship to time, money, people, choice, the world, emotions, thought, and spirit & soul. Only unlearning ignites seething Twin Inferno – where Phoenix ashes effortlessly rebirth... for nothing you 'do' causes twin flame to show. become like a child, the way you once were, without polluted unexamined beliefs.


Express Your Curiosity

Would you roll your eyes if I told you most every thought you think came from someone elses Will?