Ben and Jen RODE - Synergida

Ben and Jen are international speakers and visionary entrepreneurs. They are the founders of Synergida Luxury Resort and Community for Leaders, a community designed for social and environmental impact.  They also are the founders of the The Rode Institute - a provider of workshops, trainings, and education for the advancement of sovereign partnerships and spirituality.

This power couple brings a majestic place on our Mother Earth for you to experience the highest manifestation that nurtures divine guidance. Inspired living, brilliance, and heart are their gift.

Twin Inferno is overjoyed to recommend their acumen, insights, and guidance.

I’m loving your new videos and page on Twin Inferno. Bless you and Maat for the powerful alchemy you’re offering to the world. If more souls owned, and processed their emotions, we would be enjoying a much richer, brighter world.
— Calista


Spiritual trailblazer and bestselling Hay House author.

Calista is the Founder of Angel Healing® - heart-centred programs that support ascension and Soul empowerment. 

Calista brings forward compassionate teachings from Source to better understand the nature of consciousness and bring ways to support ascension. A trailblazer in her field, Calista is passionate about breaking down old fear-based paradigms bridging the way for the collective empowerment of humanity.

Twin Inferno embraces her powerful Soul Immersion journeys and her inspiration through Magic and Love.