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Outrageous Eye!
Gracias Brian.
— Maat

Brian McHugh  

“Being a self-diagnosed introvert, I love to watch people. As a teenager, I thought my obsession with people watching was strange. While studying Broadcast Journalism in college  I realized  people watching could be a great asset in storytelling. Combining my love for music, photography, cinematography and people watching, I have created a unique way to see and experience a story in the most unbiased, honest way I can.” @MOJOVIDEO

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Thank you for your musical contributions, in partnership and high-fived by the creator
— Maat


A Native American Flutist and artist of European, Jewish, and Native American descent. He considers his talents a gift from Mother Earth and gives total reverence, honor, respect, and thanks to his supporting giving energies. Soundtracks from ‘The Journey’.


Most grateful for HairTheatre’s sweet haunts & passionate hollerings.
— Maat

Hair Theatre

May the amazing brilliant sunrise refrains and ever-darkening musical lamentations of this mysterious band reverberate throughout the eons!

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Who’s that fire breathing water nymph on the front page?

Meet Freya Laelle Bagnariol