Note from Maat


Message from Kaat


Become something new.

Twin Inferno is your relationship with the present. It's a great time to stop breaking the 'presents' heart!

To do this, we dial in to the radio station of Playgroundia, where logic and reason are but ‘duality-only’ navigation tools… useful but limiting.

Here, we free ourselves through the Theatre of Unlearning, and return to the present by refining timeless awareness within Playgroundia. Through Texas Taoism, we know most our thoughts aren’t ours, and choose liberation by placing attention on the timeless moments between.

This ignites the Twin Inferno State… the coexistence of soul in duality and spirit of singularity – one foot in and one foot out. 

When you walk the shores of the Twin Inferno State, beliefs are tools, thoughts & emotions are chosen, the desire to commune with nature is fulfilled, and belonging resonates. Here, productivity occurs without exhaustion, goals reached with ease, the heart gives & receives, creative directions appear, and awareness peacefully embraced.

Being here, right now, we can stay in the playground forever... calm & present. We’re souls freely navigating in perfect knowledge of who and what we are.

This is a path... not a science, not a religion. For our convenience, we give it a label. Yet ultimately, it has no name. We accept this - for the moment it’s bound is the moment birth & death become more magnified than it’s true footsteps.