Achieve success in your illusion! What spiritual really means. A key to creation in the number ten.

Do you have any sense of what ‘spiritual’ really means? Are you listening? Truly, there is a key to creation in the number ten, that when understood can dramatically increase how your will manifests.

Should I reveal it to you?

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Would a new definition of life and death truth would be of benefit? Reincarnation past lives

‘Life’ is a rollercoaster ride that once you boarded, it can be a fitting choice to go to the end. Otherwise, ‘leaping’ out early mostly lands you in the following car, headed for the next downhill with your eyes closed. So goes the ride of reincarnation past lives.

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My dog had nerve not thanking me for the food I plopped into his bowl! Do I have Unreasonable expectations of gratitude?

When you are completely present, gratitude no longer exists. Yet, giving thanks helps you get present.

A wave doesn't thank the ocean.

A flower doesn't thank the stem.

The earth doesn't thank the sun.

But appreciating them all gets you in the 'now'.

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Salvation has no deadline. In the present, becoming aware has no final cutoff.

At your leisure, free yourself from the suggestion of 'salvation'. Here, in the here & now, the present... becoming aware has no final cutoff. Remove your consent from the manipulation.

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Come on a hot air balloon. A minute can change your perspective forever. Become an ego whisperer.

Do you want to navigate where singularity is complete, and needs not perception? Embrace the fractal realization, become an ego whisperer, and reframe duality with oneness.

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Awareness and consciousness are not vibrational.

Cluck on into The Carnival's Animal display, where awareness and consciousness are not vibrational.

Would you place your fingers in your ears if I told you that everything you thought ‘spiritual’ wasn’t spiritual at all?

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