The law of cause and effect karma is really a dogs head and tail in a fractal chase. The Tao of Dogs

The more sovereign your vantage, the clearer the two are aspects of the same 'thing', 'event', and 'perception'. No matter how much whining & whimpering you do, the appearance of 'the law of cause & effect karma’ is due to your conscious proximity to the fractal.

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Increased complexity is a sign of failure or frolic. Ask any crow.

The crow squawked, 'Beings flying into dualistic perception, the failure of complexity, technology failure, or anything roosting in duality become increasingly arrogant it’s found ‘god’. When it’s certain it’s on the righteous branch, it takes eons to come back… if ever.

Whatever their choice, the animals continue to play.

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Learn the geometry of creation from a bee. Navigating the mirrored fractal honeycomb Part 1

Would you like to learn the geometry of creation from a bee? Come get buzzed as you manifest and navigate the mirrored fractal honeycomb. Bee 101 (Part 1 of 4) 'In the Bee ginning' - Lessons from the Bee.

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